St Louis Nationals – North American Open Pairs Update

Day 1 of the Flight A Open Pairs was held today. 74 pairs began the day competing in one of the toughest pairs events in the country. By the end of the day, only 28 pairs remain.

Linda and I are in 9th place (already won 8.44 gold points) and will play hard for Oklahoma tomorrow. Wish us luck as we’re going up against the best pairs in the country and we’re the only pair from District 15 to qualify to play tomorrow.

Heck, I’m just proud we made it this far…regardless of what happens tomorrow.


4 Responses to “St Louis Nationals – North American Open Pairs Update”

  1. Lou Stouse Says:

    Great news! You make us proud.

  2. Sharon Ervin Says:

    Just remember, I taught you much of what you know…about something. Okay, so maybe it’s not bridge.

    When you were dining with the mob at Napolis Friday night, I accompanied Husband Bill to the ER to quell his kidney stones. They kick up now and again. He had offered to take us to Napolis, not mentioning his discomfort until he began to pale. I need to be more specific when I ask him to take me out. The emergency room at Regional was NOT what I had in mind.

  3. Shirley Williams Says:

    We are always proud of the two of you and you continue to prove us right. It was so great seeing you and hope it’s more often in the future. love ya, Shirley

  4. Judy Goodyear Says:

    Seeing both of you made us miss you more. Keep us updated on your results in St. Louis.

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