How was the Christmas Party?

Hey…it’s me…Marvin…is anybody there???

If anybody reads this, please print out a copy and take it to the bridge club so everybody can see it.

I know that your Christmas party was tonight. How was it? Hope y’all had a great time. I tried to talk Linda into driving out just for the party, but I couldn’t get her to go for it. I really wish we could have attended.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without the McAlester Bridge Christmas party. Tell Mary Grimm that she was right. I miss all of you a lot more than I thought I ever would.

So…Bridge in Florida. Well, the club games are huge and they charge 8 bucks!!! For a regular old club game! We went to our first regional (just for a day) on Saturday. Tough field, we were told. When we got there, one of the players was telling about his 21,000 (!!!) points and that there were at least 12 players with over 20,000 points in the pairs game. WOW! I was duly impressed, until we won the event (HAH).

Florida? Well, it is warm here. And the roads don’t have potholes every 2 feet. And we do have stores besides Walmart. But, truthfully I think I’d rather be back in McAlester – and that’s your fault!!! The only thing that I really like here so much better than McAlester are the restaurants. It’s nice to go out and eat and not come home with indigestion!!!!

I wish all of you a Blessed, Merry Christmas. Think of us, as we’ll be thinking of you.



3 Responses to “How was the Christmas Party?”

  1. Jim Young Says:

    The food was GREAT with a large variety and enough for seconds and thirds. We had 8 tables. Wish both of you would have been able to attend. Marvin we really miss your humor. We need a good laugh ever now and then.

    • Judy Goodyear Says:

      Just figured out, after talking to Mary Pat, this site is still active. As you can see, I woke up early, decided to check ouit the comments, been thinking of Nancy and how quickly life changes. The Christmas party was fun, good group but not the same without Marvin and Linda. Come back to us.


    I wasn’t at the party either (sob) but we had a HUGE three table game here with dinner after. Needless to say, miss everyone. Glad you are keeping us posted on your life in Florida. You can show them a thing or two about Oklahoma bridge. B ig blizzard today here in Michigan. Will be heading back to OK in January. Merry Christmas to all. Pat Smaby

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