Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Does anybody still look at this? If so, please wish a Happy Thanksgiving from Linda and Marvin to everybody at the Bridge Club.

I truly wish that I could tell each of you in person!



8 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

  1. Sharon Ervin Says:

    Aren’t you sick and tired of all that sunshine and sand yet? You can report here on your location––e-address, real address, phone, etc. Are you coming back for Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? Fourth of July? If you make it the 4th, you’re invited for eats and drinks. You know where.

  2. Jim Young Says:

    Marvin and Linda,

    Happy Thanksgiving. I miss you both.


    you bet we look at this posting. Happy Thanksgiving to you both from all of us here, but believe it or not, our weather is amazingly good, too. Miss you both. Pat Smaby

  4. Lou Stouse Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving friends.
    I am so thankful that you are part of
    my life. If it wasn’t for this game we
    love to play our paths would not
    have crossed. Thank you from the
    bottom of my heart.
    Rejoice, celebrate, give thanks, and
    hug you love ones.

  5. Kay Grumbine Says:

    Yes, I still look at this website and miss you two every time I go there. We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, too. We hope you are enjoying your new surroundings and are meeting lots of new people and playing lots of bridge. I talked to Phyllis last night and she said she had played at a club there in OKC and with a lady with whom she is no longer playing. She played with her several times but never could understand her bids, so Phyllis divorced her. She is going to try another one soon. Ha. Life does go on.

    Hope you will get back this way. We are having lots of sunshine and nice temps.

    Love ya!

  6. Shirley Williams Says:

    Check this website all the time, hoping it will say you decided to move back, just dreamin. Hope you have found lots of bridge friends who are now enjoying the famous chicken salad and pies that we are missing. It was a true blessing having both of you in our lives even for such a short time. Love to you both, Shirley

    • mcalesterbridge Says:

      Hi Shirley, You are such a sweetheart……� I miss you too.� We are in Florida, but still don’t know a soul. It is lonesome.� Hope you and your hubby decide to take a vacation in Florida and decide to come and spend it with us.� you are welcome anytime…..� Take care and let everyone know we really miss them. Love ya, Linda


  7. mcalesterbridge Says:

    So far…wish we could move back! But really can’t afford the financial hit it would cause.

    Still have tons of boxes to open with space rapidly running out. Not as much storage space here.

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