Unit Awards Party

March 22 was the Unit’s Award party for those who earned the most masterpoints in the unit. Awards were given for the mini-McKenney and the Ace of Clubs.

The most remarkable winner in the Ace of Clubs awards in her rank class is our own Zoe Duran. Ace of Clubs awards are given for winning the most masterpoints during the year in club games. What makes this so outstanding is that the only club games she played in regularly were our little games here in McAlester. Consider that Tulsa players can pretty much play twice a day every day and in games that on average are twice as large as our games. Yet playing only twice a week, at a small club, Zoe won more mastepoints at the club than did any Tulsa player did for her rank. Congratulations, Zoe!

If interested, this link shows the results for the bridge game that was held after the awards ceremony. 21 tables!!! Must be nice!!!

Awards Ceremony Bridge Scores


One Response to “Unit Awards Party”

  1. Shirley Williams Says:

    First, congrats on your game. Just wanted to thank you again for what you do for all of us at the club. Even when we have a bad game, you make the day fun. The Easter egg hunt was cool, made us all feel like kids again. thanks again, Shirley

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