East West…PLEASE

When we have fewer than 7 tables, it’s becoming almost impossible to set up a fair game because of the number of people who “must” play NS. If ANY of you are always playing NS could occasionally sit EW, please let Linda know.

I realize this is difficult for many of you, but with the current setup, most of the experienced pairs are sitting NS, and there are often only 1 or 2 experienced pairs EW.

Alternately, with 5 or 6 tables we could run a Howell movement where everybody moves except for a couple of pairs. Personally, I like the Howell movement a lot because you end up playing against most of the other pairs with only 2 or 3 boards a round. Let us know what you think. Thanks!


Scoring Error 04/01/11

We got an email about a scoring error – I gave a slam score to the wrong side! When we made the change, the scores changed some, and the new scores are now posted. Sorry for the mistake…

To see the District wide results go to  http://www.acbl.org/stac/stac_results.php?sid=1104038.