Lou Stouse – She made it!!!!!

Wow…Going into Saturday’s event, Lou needed .77 silver points to make Life Master. In the afternoon she won…. .76. After Saturday night, Scott Humphrey told us that for the first 7 rounds, it looked like she had a shot at making it that evening, but the game sort of went South after that (no pun intended).

But on Sunday, with her partner Judy Goodyear, and her teammates Barabara Sallee and Betty Elrod (who have definitely earned the title of king- and queen makers), she made it by winning the first match.

Congratulations, Lou!


It’s Over!!!!!!!

We want to thank everybody who supported our tournament, especially all of you who were so kind to help set up and take down tables and chairs. For me, that’s by far the most difficult part of having the tournament, and your help means that it will only take me one trip to the chiropractor to get over it (LOL). As usual, your delicious cookies were a huge hit at the tournament and most of you were very gracious hosts to our out of town players.

Thanks to our tournament director, Scott Humphrey, the tournament wasn’t a complete financial bust and we got away with a small profit. I thought Scott did a great job and was very accommodating.

From a social standpoint, the tournament was a big success! Lots of work for a few bucks, though.


So far, we’ve received the following restaurant coupons that will be given away during the first session of the pairs game. We expect there will be several more before gameday!!! 

  1. Brangus – $50 gift card
  2. Pete’s Place – $40 gift certificate
  3. Isle of Capri – $20 gift certificate
  4. GiaComo’s – 1 Free Italian dinner (about $16, I think)
  5. RoseAnna’s – $15 gift certificate
  6. Napoli’s – $12 gift certificate
  7. Napoli’s – $12 gift certificate
  8. Western Sizzlin’ – $10 gift card
  9. Western Sizzlin’ – $10 gift card
  10. Adelita’s – Free Lunch and drink (served all day)
  11. Adelita’s – Free Lunch and drink

Warning…You can’t win one of these great prizes if you don’t come and play in the tournament.