Welcome Stigler!

McAlesterBridge welcomes Bonnie, Caroline and Kathy…three new players from Stigler…to our game. Bonnie and Caroline joined us for the first time. Kathy has been to our game once before, but it was some time ago.

We hope all of you had fun and will come again – Soon and Often!


It’s over!!!!

After a whole lot of work, the 2010 McAlester tournament is finally over. The great participation by our local players is very much appreciated. If you guys hadn’t come out and supported it by playing, bringing cookies and helping set up and take down, the tournament would not have been possible.

We were very disappointed in the attendance (down 25% from last year), but we did get enough so it wasn’t a financial disaster…unless you were to calculate our hourly pay rate (LOL).

We’re pretty sure that the reduced attendance was due to the Gatlinburg, TN regional that starts today. Many OK City and Tulsa players that would have normally attended our little tournament instead chose to go to the ACBL’s largest regional tournament. We now know to schedule our sectional at least a week before or after the Gatlinburg regional. Too bad someone from the unit or district didn’t tell us this could be a problem before we scheduled a date!

4/09 team results

I made a posting error when scoring on Friday. I’ve changed the scores and the corresction is now reflected on the site. Sorry for the error.