Uh Oh…new cards

I want to give a heads up to you, so you won’t be surprised about another change in the cards we use.

As you know, we have several players with severe vision problems. I found some “Super Jumbo” cards that would allow these players to continue to enjoy the game…but they are VERY expensive ($5 per deck). I made the unilateral decision to tell Dorothy Kennedy about these cards, and told her that if she wanted to buy these, I would put them in play. Generously, she made the decision and so I have ordered these cards.

I believe that anything we can do to make it easier for those of us with physical problems to keep playing should be done and I will continue to do whatever I can to make it easier for those players, even if it makes it a little more difficult for the rest of us. I am sorry about any inconvenience this might cause anyone…that’s not my intention!


One Response to “Uh Oh…new cards”

  1. Kay Grumbine Says:

    I am with you. I agree that we should make it easier for our people to continue playing. Thank you for taking this initiative.

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