20 Bidding “Rules”

For those of you new to the site, or if you haven’t looked at them in a while, check out the 20 bidding rules I published (one per week) over a year ago.

Just click on the bidding link under the Categories heading on the left side of this page.


Thanks to the Episcopal Church

We really appreciate the Episcopal Church for allowing us to hold our games there for the last week and a half. Without their support, we would probabl have had to cancel the games.

We’re planing on going back to the regular schedule at the Country Club next week, as long as they’ve finished the work on the floor. So, Wednesday’s game time will be 10 A.M.

Betty Elrod makes LM on Nov 6

At today’s STaC game, Betty Elrod became a Life Master by coming in first NS in the STaC game held at the Episcopal Church. Congratulations, Betty!

Also, it’s probable that Barbara and Betty will place overall in the District in this event with their 65% game.

Congratulations, Barbara Sallee!!!!!

At today’s STaC game, Barbara became a Life Master by winning the silver points needed for the rank at our local STaC game.

WTG, Barbara!