Anyone want Hand Records?

Some of you like to go over the hands after the game is over. I can get computer generated hands and prepare hand records for some of our regular games if you would like this.

Of course this would cost a little bit – figure about a buck per person to pay for buying the hand records, as well as preparing and printing them.

Talk this over with others in the group, and if there’s a universal desire to try this then let me know.


Special Team Game in Muskogee

On Monday, Oct 26 at 12:30 in Muskogee at Senior Citizens Center. .25 gold point available!

Let us know if you want to play in this.


1. Betty Scoggins is out of the hospital and playing bridge already.
2. No real news on Bill Rayburn’s condition.
3. Mary Grimm is playing again after good results from heart cath.
4. Barbara Sallee is teaching elementary school children the game of bridge.
5. Chris Thurber just returned from a great trip to Ireland.
6. Judy Stallings is “playing through pain” after leg surgery.
7. Jim and Mary Pat Young and Linda Wood are cruising the Aegean.

If I missed any items of interest, let me know and I’ll post it!

Betty Scoggins

As you know, Betty Scoggins was admitted to Intensive Care with irregular heartbeat.

Still no new word about Betty’s condition.

Bill Rayburn

We just learned that Bill Rayburn had a stroke this afternoon and has been airlifted to St. John’s in Tulsa. We don’t know any more of the details.

Pray for him.