Bridge Club Stuff

Hey Bridge players – 

I’ve got something that you need to think about and discuss with each other. No, it’s not really good news….

 I’ve been informed by a little birdy that the Board of Directors of the Country club has a problem with us – and, no, it’s not the issue so many of you have confronted me about. It seems there’s a contingent that doesn’t like the idea of non Country Club members using their facility. Their proposed solution is to charge us a monthly fee for the use of the club for the bridge games. (Ironically, since the Club owns the Wednesday game, they’re essentially charging themselves for the use of their facility).

 Because the percentage of the bridge group who are members has declined from about 50% to 35%, and country club members do pay substantial monthly dues, I can understand their position. But it will make things a little difficult for us. Nothing definite has been decided but I think it’s probably going to happen….and soon. So, I want to be prepared for the situation, and I don’t want you to be surprised when it does.

 I want to do this in a way that will hopefully make the board happy (and they’ll leave us alone for awhile!!!), yet has minimum impact on you. Assuming the amount they want to  charge us isn’t a ridiculous number (and I’m not sure that it won’t be!), I’d like your permission to raise the bridge fees only for those of us who are NOT country club members by $1 per session (to $4.00 for regular games), and leave the fees alone for all country club members. Perhaps leaving the fees alone for members of the country club will placate the board president, and hopefully this will be enough to pay them what they want.

 With that said, I don’t ever want people not to play bridge with us for a financial reason. If any of you cannot afford the possible increase, then tell us and we’ll exempt you from the cost increase. Anyway, I’d like you all to discuss this among yourselves and after you’ve explained the situation to those who don’t get this email, or check the website, let me know what you think. I have no problem with looking for alternative playing sites, but I suspect that if we were to find someplace really suitable, they’d also want to charge us for using their facility.

 Please realize that none of this is coming from Eric, the club manager. He has been extremely good to us, and we owe him our gratitude.

 While I have your attention, there are a couple of other items I’d like to share with you:

  1. Our ACBL sanction for the Friday game is for an AFTERNOON game which means we’re not supposed to start it until after 12 noon. If, as some of you have requested, we moved the game to earlier than it currently is, we’d have to pay for, and be granted, a new sanction. We’re not willing to mess with all that.
  2. For those who have mentioned the money we make from the games, it has averaged to about 65 bucks a week after all expenses are paid.
  3. The Wednesday game doesn’t really belong to us, it belongs to the country club. All of the bridge club’s requirements for that game are communicated to us by the country club manager. To date, he has had no complaints about anything we are or aren’t doing.

 Have a great day, and don’t let any of this upset you. We’ll get it all figured out…I hope!


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