aOpening 1NT

Lately, there have been a number of people opening 1NT with a lot more points than they’re supposed to have. This really isn’t legal. Basically, you’re allowed a one point discrepancy beyond your advertised range (so, if you have a bad 18 and your range is 15-17, then you can devalue the hand and open it 1NT). Anything beyond that, and you’re not legal. While it is acceptable to mistakenly miscount your points, it isn’t acceptable to repeatedly open 1NT with 20 high card points. Talk this over with your partners and make sure you understand this. Besides the fact that it’s bad bridge, if you do it at a tournament there’s a good chance you’ll be penalized.


Another Number

Seems like I can’t have a seesion where I don’t have at least one big negative number. This Wednesday it was Jean Scoggins and Dorothy Kennedy who set me 1100 in 5 Diamonds doubled…NOT vulnerable. The good news — it was a great sacrifice against their grand slam in clubs. The bad news — NOBODY bid the grand slam!!!! And this was the FIRST HAND OF THE DAY! Linda (who made the 5 diamond bid) asked me why I went down so many. I had no response.

Don’t forget that Friday Feb 13 we’ll be playing at noon at the AmericInn. We’ll get this Friday thing figured out as soon as we can.