Thought for the Day

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Did you know that the score for 5 hearts doubled and redoubled vulnerable is 1,000? The only reason I know this is because I was minus this number today when I doubled 5 hearts, and one of our opponents insulted my double by redoubling!!! And then her partner made it!!! Because I made the wrong lead!!! I’m still reeling!!!

I won’t mention the names of the guilty parties, but their initials are JG and LG.

Bridge Games next week

We are planning to have our regular bridge game on Wednesday December 17 and December 19 unless nobody wants to play!

Christmas Party – December 15

Christmas party will be held at the Country Club on December 15. We’ll eat between 5 and 6 P.M. and try to get bridge started as close to 6 as possible. Bring lots of food!!! (LOL)

Marvin’s taxi service will be available for anyone without a ride who is uncomfortable driving at night. Just make sure you give me good directions ’cause I have a tendency to get lost…

December Friday Games

Don’t forget that the Friday games this month will be held at the Episcopal Church on Washington. Thanks to those who made this possible!!!