Welcome New and Visiting Players!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a number of new faces at McAlester Bridge. Since I might forget somebody or, worse, get their name wrong, I’m not going to list their names here.

I do, however, want to thank all of you newbies and visitors for coming to play and hope you’ve had a good time! We want you to come back – again and again! 


Bidding Rule of the Week #20

Sorry…I promised you 20 but forgot to post the last one! Anyway, it’s less of a bidding rule and more of an overall recommendation. Anyway, here’s the final “Rule of the Week.” What should I write about now???

20.  If you and your partner have a bidding misunderstanding and/or disagreement, make a note of it on your card and discuss it later. Don’t ruin the rest of your game by arguing over something that has already happened!

World Wide Game Results

Link to the world wide ranking for June 6 game:


The final rankings should be available Saturday June 7 in the late afternoon.

Bridge Rule of the Week #19

19.Don’t be afraid to double the opponents if you think the hand belongs to your side and you don’t have a better bid – even if they sometimes make their bid.