June 7th Event in Muskogee

From what we have been able to ascertain about the special event scheduled in Muskogee on June 7, it looks like the event will be a worldwide game where your score will be compared with players from around the world. But…it appears to us that there will be no gold points awarded at this event – points will be half red and half black. This is according to the club newsletter that we received from ACBL.

Anyway, it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Check out this site for more info about the game –



Bidding Rule of the Week #18

18.  Try to use the same tempo when making all of your bids. Don’t bid quickly and don’t hesitate a long time before making your call. In a tournament, either of these actions could warrant a “Director!” call from your opponents.

OK City Regional Results

….And the points just keep on coming….

Barbara, Betty, Lou and Lynn were 7th overall in the Swiss teams and brought home 2.88 gold. B&B’s total for the tournament was over 7 points each! The Scoggins each won 2.25 red points. Jim Young won about 2.2 red points, Judy Stallings won 1.01 red and Robert broke through with .27 reds.

This is another strong showing for McAlester Bridge!


Hot Springs Regional Results

Lots of points won at the Hot Springs Regional…including gold(!)… by members of our club. Jim Young and Judy Stallings each won 7.43 points about half of which was gold, Betty Elrod and Barbara Sallee won 7.2 points each that included several gold points, as well. Judy Goodyear and LaDean Gordon each won 4.65 points, and the Scoggins won 2.53 apiece.

Way to go everybody!!!

Bidding Rule of the Week #17

17. Make sure your defensive bidding tools include ways to show as many 2-suit combinations as possible and in as many different situations as you can account for. (e.g. Michaels over majors and minor suit openings, unusual NT, Cappelleti over 1NT are only some of your alternatives) It’s important to be able to show two suited hands with one bid; you’re twice as likely to find a fit with partner when you have 2 five-card or longer suits.