Bidding Rule of the Week #16

16. Don’t ever ask for aces unless you have at least second round control of all suits yourself. If you need to know about specific aces, blackwood (or gerber, for that matter) won’t tell you what you need to know.


Bidding Rule of the Week #15

15. Always follow the KISS principle of bidding…i.e. keep it simple. Don’t try to conjure up the perfect bid for a hand unless you’re 100% positive your partner will know what you mean.

Bidding Rule of the Week #14

14. Don’t bid the same values more than once. Once you’ve shown your hand, it’s up to your partner to take any further action.

Bidding Lessons start Friday

This Friday (April 11) at 11:30 AM, we’ll start a series of short lessons on bidding. Game time will still be noon. Feel free to come to the lessons even if you don’t stay for the game. Also feel free to bring pizza (smile).

The first lesson will be about 2 Club openers and responses. Bring questions and/or comments or hands to talk about.

Bidding Rule of the Week #13

13.  Don’t count distribution to open the bidding unless you have a long self sufficient suit or a hand with two five-card (or longer) suits. Then count extra for suit length, not shortness in other suits.