Bidding Rule of the Week #7

7.     With no major suit fit and game going values, always consider playing the hand in 3NT. Beside the difficulty of scoring up 5 of a minor, playing in 5 of a minor is often a top or bottom decision at matchpoints because right or wrong, most of the field will be in 3NT.


Bidding Rule of the Week #6

6.     A nine card major suit fit is the gold standard of bridge and an 8 card major suit fit is silver. Once you find such a fit, the only thing that should concern you is how high to bid.

Bidding Rule of the Week #5

5.     In competitive auctions at matchpoints, in general, when in doubt, bid. In competitive auctions at imps, when in doubt, pass. It’s ok to get an occasional zero at matchpoints, but difficult to recover from a 13 imp swing at imps.

Ace of Clubs 2007

Congratulations to Judy Stallings for winning the Unit Wide Ace of Clubs competition in her division, and to Babara and Betty for placing in their divisions. (Click the link below to see the entire list).

Unit Ace of Clubs 2007

Bidding Rule of the Week #4

4.     After you find a fit, limit the strength of your hand as soon as you can. Once one player limits his strength, his partner becomes the “captain” of the auction.

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