Hand from 1/16/08 and 1/18/06

The following hand was played on both days last week – Jan 16&18 (‘cause it didn’t get shuffled on Friday – oops). It’s an interesting hand in that 7 of either minor is easy to make, but apparently not easy to bid. In fact, it seems that only one pair managed to bid a small slam in a minor. In a tournament, bidding 6♣ or 6 would probably only be worth an average score, because some pairs would bid 7, and others would end up in 6NT (which has 12 top tricks).

Although splinter bids would make it fairly easy to get to 7, you should be able to get to 7 even playing standard methods. Here are the hands with West the opening bidder:

               West                                                   East

♠ A102                                                 ♠ 6    

A                                                      984

KQJ4                                                A8765

♣ AJ864                                              ♣ KQ75

With your favorite partner, try to figure out a bidding sequence to bid this virtually iron clad grand slam. (hint – I think the auction should start 1♣ – P – 1 – P – 2♠).


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