Welcome to McAlester Bridge online!

We’re going to try to keep this updated with local club info, scoring recaps, nearby tournaments and any other stuff we want to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment.


5 Responses to “Welcome to McAlester Bridge online!”

  1. mcalesterbridge Says:

    Wow! Ain’t this too cool!!!

  2. Judith Goodyear Says:

    Well done Linda and Marvin. You two are great and thank you.

  3. Lou Says:

    Wow! Great job! Thanks!

  4. LaDean Gordon Says:

    Dr. and Mrs Darter
    We are truly blessed to have the two of you as Co-Directors of our Bridge Club. You have done a terrific job putting this together. Boy! don’t we look like we have risen to the top of the Bridge world. HA. Again a hardy thanks for your caring, concern and hard work. We have come to love both of you, and are blessed that the two of you ended up here.
    Love LaDean

  5. Julie Patterson Says:

    Marvin and Linda,
    This is probably a dumb question but how do you limit the
    strength of your hand so that your partner is captain?
    Example: oppts are passing, 1c 1sp 2sp= 12-15 support points with 4 spades
    1c 1sp 3sp= 16-18 support points with 4 spades
    1c 1sp 4sp= 19-21 support points with 4 spades
    1c 1sp 1nt= 12-14 without 4sp flat type hand
    1c 1sp 2nt= 18-19 ” ” ‘ ‘ ”
    1c 1sp 2d, 2h is a reverse showing 16+ points and forcing, not flat
    There is also many ways a responder can limit their hands to revert back to you as captain.

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